Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

Go-Kart Mozart

Finally, Go-Kart Mozart record has come out and the Vinyl LP edition seems to be sold out. well done Lawrence.

Alexis Taylor’s new single from forthcoming Album

I engineered his new album!
 “Very pleased to announce my new album ‘Beautiful Thing’, to be released by Domino Recording Company on April 20th.

You can pre-order it here

I made this album with Tim Goldsworthy (formerly of Mo’ Wax/Unkle/DFA) – my first time working on solo music with a producer. I am so happy with the results – it feels like quite a departure to me, and we really had some fun making it, with some new technology as well as instruments we created just for this record…

Whilst primarily made on my own with Tim, other guest musicians include Neil Hagerty, Susumu Mukai, and Emma Smith, and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip produced one track too. I am very excited for everyone to get to hear the LP in April. Roll on blank tapes, internet-based streaming, jam-on-cd-spreading, vinyl fetishising, and of course the great un-boxing. Don’t forget to listen!”

Young Japanese Band D.A.N with Floating Points / Giles Peterson

New cutting edge band D.A.N  flew over from Japan to do Giles Peterson’s Live in the Brownswood Basement and had sessions with Floating Points.
I did live engineering for Giles Peterson, also did engineering at Floating Points Studio.IMG_20171106_121526