Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

French 70s Disco award winning producer Cerrone feat Alexis Taylor

I engineered one of Cerrone’s tracks from new album

I used RCA 44 BX / SSL mic pre / dbx165A for Alexis’s vocal at HackneyRoad studios.

One of the original disco producer, drummer in the 70s and 80s, Grammy Award winning Marc Cerrone, the artist behind the glorious ‘Supernature’ returns in 2016 with Red Lips, Working in collaboration with a number of artists, including Nile Rodgers(Chic), Aloe Blacc, Keizsa and Alexis Taylor

Number1 in the List Hot 100 2016!!

One of my works gets Top1 in The List, she also won the SAY award2016.
Really glad to see Anna Meredith is doing so well :-)
You can hear our RCA44BX on the Vocals. 70’s premier drum kit in the SSL room and beefy Neve sound in those mixes.