Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

UA 1176LN

Great!! finally, We installed 1176LN in our SSL room. It simply easiest compressor to work with and I can get exact result what I want out of it.

Upgrade Private mixing studio plug-in: Softube

Hehehe, I have added more plug-in for Private mixing studio.

Softube Studio Collection

TSAR-1 Reverb True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Model 1. Powerful, sophisticated, detailed, modern-style reverb.

TSAR-1R Reverb The world-class TSAR reverb coupled with an easy, fast, intuitive interface.

Spring Reverb An instant classic with tons of sonic character. (Watch that shake control!)

Tube Delay Never before has a digital delay sounded so analog.

Trident A-Range Equalizer Channel 15 from one of the most famous recording desks ever made, complete with original console saturation.

Tonelux Tilt One knob tilt and loudness equalizer featuring extremely low CPU usage.

Tonelux Tilt Live One knob equalizer optimized for live performance applications.

Active Equalizer Classic 70s fully-parametric design.

Passive Equalizer A wide, clear, and open sound courtesy of a famous design from the 60s.

Focusing Equalizer Unique design that combines the Passive and Active equalizers along with a gentle saturation/compression control.

Valley People Dyna-mite Limiter, expander, gate, and de-esser in one unit. The classic 80s drum gate, but an even more classic drum squasher!

FET Compressor A fresh spin on one of the most famous compressors of all time, updated with parallel compression, detector filters, look-ahead function, and external sidechain.


Looking for a manager

I’m looking for a manager who is passionate about music and has a many healthy relationships with artists.

Your job is to find artists and engage them for a recording session. A good socialising skill, a wide variety of knowledge in music, a good sense of catching the new music scene are required.

Salary is based on a commission system. 50% of income is given to you.
e.g. if you engage a band for several days of recording sessions, worth £1000, you will be given £500.

Please send me a CV and feel free to contact me for the detail.