Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

Kisela Berice

Recorded and mixed for Kisela Berice. Superb singer and dancer!! She will be seen by everyone soon!! Check her music Click here!!


the Old combo

I had a session with a japanese singer with french producer, we were aiming for conventional ‘Brit’ sound. This photo is one of the recording shot of 50’s vintage guitar is miked up with 40’s RCA ribbon mic.

Guitar Solo

The Small Clone was used for doubling the guitar. It’s a small technique that Kurt Cobain used to do!

More SSL channels

It’s honoured to say, now we have 8 of SSL E channel strips!! Now Studio A has wider variety of mic pres the likes of Neve, API, Manley, Altec, Focusrite and SSL!!