Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

Phenomenal Grammy Award quality work!

It is a phenomenal moment working with a Grammy Award nominated producer Matt Hyde. We have been working for a young talented band Fighting Wolves. The drums and the guitars have been recorded so far, and they sound absolutely massive!!

Also, I have been busy for producing, engineering for a singer song writer Paul Kowalski. Four Very unique vintage sound, including a cover of Leonard Cohen, will be done at the end of March.

A Major upgrade in Studio A

Our Studio A is under a major upgrade now. A SSL 4024G is installing, and will be ready to go at the end of January!!! Variety of outboards such as Neve, Manley, Api, Altec will get along with the desk.

Yossarian has been buzzing music fans in London. Good song composition, Mellow vocal and fine guitarist.
Three songs will be free download from their website.
Meanwhile, you can preview from here