Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

Mixing for the Proper Ornaments

The Proper Ornaments consists a bunch of really talented musicians. Argentina Max Clapp, James Hoare from Veronica Falls, Ralph who played the drum on the last Scritti Politti records and Wes from Let’s Wrestle.

The band policy is 60’s (I reckon) They recorded onto 8channel of 1/4 inch tape by themselves. Very minimal instrumentation and arrangements, but just great chords and fantastic vocal lines. So far, I have mixed 10 songs for their album. More songs to mix soon!

Drum Rec for Yossarian

I recently went to the other studio for a band called Yossarian, tracking the drums. here are some pics..


Daughter has been gaining high reputations since the release of their EPs and phenomenal live performances. We currently working together very hard. Profile picture