Shuta Shinoda

Hackney Road Studios/Strongroom

Horse Brothers

It was the quickest, easiest, funkiest recording session with the Duo,Horse Brothers. This is a golden rule, If the musician is good, every thing goes easy.

I was blown away of the drummer, no wonder, the drummer, Dave Barbaross plays for Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow, famous for the tribal drumming pattern.
We sent the split guitar signal to three guitar amps. It sounded big!!!

Their single releases on Louder Than War


A couple months ago, I was browsing who was going to play at Field day festival 2012. I found a super groovy band ‘Rocketnumbernine’ yes, it is just one word. They sounded so good on youtube, but their gig blew me away. Their groove was just phenomenal! I just spoke to them straight away and now we have just made nine of upper groovy tracks in our studio. Soon, Those will be mastered and released from one of finest record labels(to be announced later).

Rocketnumbernine just played at Fieldday 2012 and is playing at Eat Your Own Ears on 26th July + Caribou DJ set. EYOE!!

Sample preview Click here!


Fairchild 660

I’m happy to announce that I have just added new toy in the equipment collection, arguably the best compressor in the world Fairchild 660!! 

EAUX new record on Morning Ritual Recordings

I was given fresh copies of 7″ new single of EAUX  which it to be released on Morning Ritual Recordings on 18th June. I’m glad to see the release of my work and many articles about them on fine music sites the like of Pitchfork, Mint Magazine, Dummy mag, RCRDLBL and Vice.

Single launch party, EAUX + Cloud Boad + DIGITS + Black Mass(DJ) on 16th June.  Detail Here!


New video directed by Hans Lo_Eaux_No More Power!

Morning RItual Recordings

Motown sounds

I’m currently studying about Motown sound for the sessions later on. I found quite interesting pages.